Im straight edge,misanthropic and
Living in a world that has gone so far downhill.Theres still hope and theres still people that will take vigilance in their own hands,

Abandon every hope, ye who enter here.”

The best live band i have ever seen(Defeater)

I am Resistance, I am Defiance, I am Straight Edge.


If you have never been here you have to come at least once before you Die!

How i miss this

Brand new

Best albums

your favorite weapon

Deja entendu

God and the Devil are raging inside of me

illumunati controls the world?

From what ive seen and realized the symbolism is everywhere,from the back of the

dollar bill,in movies and the music industry.

Celebrities cited flashing the illumanati have been Lady gaga, Jay z,beyonce,celine dion,even Taylor swift and that is just the music industry,any free mason and even the president have been caught up with the illumanati

what do you believe?


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